September 15, 2013

Work Attire

Hey gals I am so sorry for the silence the last couple of days, I got into research mode and let time get away from me. With the holidays right around the corner I am doing my best to be prepared and expect the unexpected, since it is my first holiday season with NovaMar. I'll share more about that later on though. 

For those of you who do not know I work at a hotel as an operator. I love it here but my uniform, lets just say, is not very flattering or cute in my opinion. Right below it says work attire and that is pretty much what it looks like. Lets face it though I look nothing like the lady pictured and my hair has to be up in a pony tail. I am on the heavy set side and wearing a navy blue pencil skirt right above the knees that moves all over the place looks messy not to mention the 3/4 sleeve light blue blouse that can not be tucked in. Yes I said it my shirt can not be tucked in and then add a super thin white belt with patent leather 3" black heels and you have what I must wear to work, day in and day out. Don't get me wrong having a uniform definitely saves me time before work and keeps my clothes nice and new, I just don't look very flattering in this uniform, OH! did I mention how my uniform can not be form fitting so it's pretty much baggy on me. Yes, heavy girl in bigger clothes is no bueno. There are tons of other rules but I won't bore you with those. 

This is me today ready for work! My hair will be up soon but it's down for the sake of picture taking. Notice how I have makeup on but it's very professional and natural. Well for my accessories they have to be on the "professional" side. So I wear my OHM that I got at a thrift store in NYC and I usually wear my silver Brighton earrings that a dear friend gave to me for my FIU graduation in May of 2012. I have literally not taken them off since then, well occasionally but not very often. I also wear a really simple charm bracelet that was also given to me and since then different friends have given me charms for it. 

I felt my daily outfit needed a pick me up so I designed new earrings. Since my uniform is only 3 colors and my makeup is natural I wanted my earrings to be vibrant yet professional. I had these beads from a previous bracelet set I had made and thought this was the perfect color so I wire wrapped them in silver and voilĂ  my new work earrings are born!

What do you think of my simple yet chic new earring design? Leave your comments below I love hearing what you have to say.

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