September 26, 2013

Fall Everywhere else except Miami

Fall is beautiful what with the leaves changing colors and what not. This however does not happen in Miami, we get humid or chilly mornings, heaping hot and rainy afternoons and the evening varies. Oh and our leaves change into pretty green ones to ugly brown dead ones. I know I sound dramatic, but if you lived here you would know exactly how moody our weather is. Luckily I have had the chance to see the autumn leaves fall in person twice in NYC and once in Georgia it was so pretty, not to mention the opportunity to shop for some new fall and winter items.

Whenever I get the chance to travel during the fall and winter seasons I will wear something along the lines of this outfit right below. It is really the only time I can sport a sweater and boots all day long.  
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In Miami this is more of what I would wear during the season, even if it is a little chilly or even by our standards freezing by noon it will return to regular Miami weather. So I might as well dress for the rest of the day rather than the first five hours.
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What is the weather like in your city or town?


  1. I love the Fall outfits you put together.New follower :)