October 5, 2013

October is here!

So I have been a tad lost these last couple of days! My moms birthday just passed at the end of September and I just ended up taking a break from my busy crafting, blogging and social media in general. The holidays are right around the corner and I know I will be busy busy busy the rest of the year! Enough of my rant, on to why you are here.
Ahhhh October is here WOOT WOOT! First fall arrives and now October the beginning of the Holidays! I love festivities oh so much, the decorating, crafting, fashion and makeup all now have a twist for the next four months. These are just some of the oh so fabulous items I found on Etsy, not to fret there will be way more Halloween themed post this month.
As much as I adore this first piece I know I would only use it as a backdrop for my phone or MacBook, which lets face it doesn't sound too good but I know that once I have it in one form then I will most likely end up buying it and putting it somewhere were it will stay forever. You must admit it is adorable and perfect for this month.
 This vase is there anything I can tell you that you can not already see with your own two eyes. It is absolutely adorable and really perfect for the entire year.
The Object Enthusiast
Zombies have always been around but they seem to be a reoccurring theme lately. I am not really of fan of the idea of corpses walking the earth but hey it is the season for such shenanigans. Plus this is a really neat cup!
My Crafty Momma
This book case is just simply rustic and I want it. What does one do when they want something but have no where to put it?
In the coming week
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