July 24, 2013

How to style NovaMar Jewelry

Last week I shared with you how to style my designs into your outfits on Be Real Be You. In order to do this I use Polyvore  to show the everyday fashionista the many different styles that NovaMars jewelry offers.

If you've never heard of or used Polyvore before it is s program that allows you to add items to your account and then you can create your own outfit, diy tutorial or your favorite makeup products. Since I have added my own designs to the database, other members also have access to them too. So I signed on today and to my surprise a ton of people have used my Pink & Gray Bracelet Set and incorporated it to their style. I have picked the top three that I absolutely love. I love how these three individuals have used one of my designs in such beautiful and diverse ways. 

This makes me happy beyond belief, just knowing that I am designing exactly what I set out to do!
Thank you Natka5229

Thank you Tory B

Thank you Vera05

July 22, 2013

Inspirational Mondays

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don't see it yourself."


July 15, 2013

Be Real Be You

As a jewelry designer I strive to make vibrant yet playful jewelry for your everyday life. Weather it be for a date night, special occasion even work. One of the obstacle I have come across is that we all want to know how "such and such" accessory or outfit  that we find online will look with things that we already own. Not only have I been told this but I have experienced it myself. In result I have started using my designs as inspiration to outfit ideas. This one is featuring the Blue and Gray Bracelet Set which can be found on Etsy through NovaMar

I live in Miami, Fl and let me tell you it is extremely hot even at night, shorts is the best way to go to stay cool. A nice flowy black shirt with matching sandals. I know that what is on here not everyone owns but something similar too would work perfectly. This would be great for a casual day out and this outfit can easily be changed from day to night. 

In the future to be featured send me an email with your outfit ideas to KMBalda@gmail.com including one of my designs. 

Inspirational Mondays

“The only way to do great 
work is to love what you do. 
If you haven’t found it yet, 
keep looking. Don’t settle.” 

– Steve Jobs

July 12, 2013

New Products!!!

Here are some new items that are being added this week. They will all be available soon on my etsy store. More colors coming soon, keep an eye out.

July 9, 2013

Tilapia Tacos with Cherry Chipotle Salsa

I love tilapia and cherries so when I saw this recipe I knew I had to try it. My dear boyfriend was scared for his life when I called him to bring me some rather odd items from the grocery store on his way home from work. I assured him I was not crazy, and that he would love what I had in store for dinner. I changed the recipe just a tad and added my own style to it, Simply Gluten Free has the original recipe.
2 cups thawed frozen sweet cherries, cut into quarters
1 glove garlic, minced
¼ cup red onion, roughly chopped
1 chipotle in adobo sauce pepper (or 1 -2 teaspoons pureed chipotle in adobo) – more if you like it spicier
¼ cup cilantro leaves
Juice of 1 lime
1½ teaspoons ground cumin
¾ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon black pepper
6 (4 – 6 ounces each) tilapia fillets
2 tablespoons olive oil
12 corn tortillas
Now this is what I did…
Place the garlic and red onion in a food processor and pulse to chop.
                                             Add the chipotle in adobo
ImageAdd cilantro leaves and lime juice and pulse to combineImageChop the cherries into foursImage Add the cherries and pulse just until they are roughly chopped.ImageDinner is served!
ImageI added avocado to the tacos and let me tell you it made them even better! I really loved how this recipe turned out, it is simple to make and refreshing. Great for a summer dinner party.Image

July 8, 2013

Inspirational Mondays

So Mondays always seem to be a drag and definitely the day of the week we all happen to dread. Here is a little something to brighten your day! Expect one every Monday.

“Happiness cannot be traveled
to, owned, earned, or worn. It  
is the spiritual experience of  
living every minute with love,  
grace gratitude.” 

Denis Waitley

July 7, 2013

Good or a Bad Habit

Lets talk about how I fell in love with this Gold Tulip Apron from The SSSeamstress, it is gorgeous beyond words! Not to mention navy blue is my favorite color.

So when I stumbled upon this beauty I said OMG!! I want it and I want it now! 

Gold Tulip Apron 
Of course my emotions are speaking to me at this point, BUT then my conscience kicks in and says to me "well how much is it?" So I look at the price and calculate shipping and the scotchgard to protect this lovely apron, the end result was too rich for my blood. I was sad facing while I just clicked the love button. I get it handmade costs more, I should know I have my own shop. Non the less I hesitated.

So this is where my question comes in, I have this urge to save money! I just can not help it, my mom taught me well too well I think. My process when it comes to money is that when I get paid I will calculate freely of course I am no mathematician, how much I need to play and the rest goes into savings. When that time of the month arrives to pay my bills I still save. So when I see something I love I think of what my mom has always told me and my grama well lets just say all the women in my family. Collective women voices in Spanish saying "Esto es algo que te va a durar toda la vida" and "Si te mata compralo" this means "Will it last you a life time" and "If it is to die for just get it". So this is what I hear in my head encouraging that compulsive buyer inside of me but with that price I just would not have it. 

As time went by I would check back for it checking to see if it was available and it was until 2 months later it was gone! I panicked not even a minute later I messaged Dana from The SSSeamstress to see if she could make another. Thank goodness I was in luck! Lesson learned, my family was right I heard it again "Si te mata compralo". I took the plunge and now I am the owner of the Gold Tulip Apron! I was so happy and devastated when I hit process order, like I said I save too much.

Let me just say it is going to very good use! I get to cook in style and it protects my outfit from getting dirty. Let me just say it has seen quite a few dinner parties.

July 5, 2013

Fourth of July: Makeup

I love love love makeup! I mean who doesn't, love being doled up? So as much as love makeup I notice that so many people cake it on, not very attractive.Unless you are going out at night there is no reason what so ever anyone should have an excess amount of makeup on it looks low class. I can not tell you how many times I have seen beautiful young women walk into an interview looking like they are ready for a night out on the town and its not just the makeup the outfit screams "I don't care". I believe makeup is for the sole purpose of extenuating your beautiful natural features not to look like someone barfed makeup on you. :) So for this reason I will start sharing what I love to use along with pictures. Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, what can I say I was in the moment and an Iphone is all I had.

July 4, 2013

Etsy Treasury Feature: Happy 4th of July

I am starting a new series featuring treasuries that I just love and once in a while I will curate my own treasury featuring my favorite seller on Etsy. Here's a fun Fourth of July Treasury!

'Happy fourth of July!' by SvetaPirogova

20% off SALE Vintage Nautica...

Fourth of July printables. 4...

18 Cupcake Toppers, Red Whit...

Four Patriotic Drink Mats (C...

Crocheted amigurumi apple pl...

Quartermaster Depot Philadel...

American Flag Throw Pillow 1...

Vintage 70s Super Jeepers N...

Mens bow tie by Bartek Desig...

American Flag Tank Top Shirt...

2 Piece Picnic Playsuit in B...

4th of July / patriotic / re...

American Flag Studs - Red Wh...

4th of July Independence Day...


Blue Crystal Gift Wedding Br...
In the future If you'd like your item to be featured in one of my Etsy treasuries, send me a message or leave a comment on the blog! 

Spaghetti Squash a la Karina

Spaghetti squash!!! OMG why has no one ever shared this amazing squash with me before! Truly loving it, also gets rid of that pasta craving, which in my case is a life saver. 

Lately my cousin ChefNia has been introducing me to the world of Paleo and let me tell you, it's not too shabby. I am actually enjoying the idea of cooking every day, and being more creative. Now lets face it Rome was not built in a day, and neither are were my eating habits. It is an everyday challenge but one I am enjoying along the way.

Main Ingredients
  • 1 Spaghetti Squash

  • Pam or Coconut Cooking Spray
  • 1 lb Ground Chicken
  • 1 Onion
  • 10-15 whole mushrooms
  • Heavy Whipping Cream or Coconut Milk
  • Light Savory Garlic cooking cream cheese
  • 2 pinches of Sea Salt 
  • Black Pepper
  • 1 tbsp of minced garlic (I love garlic)


  • Bill Bragg’s amino acids
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Parmesan Cheese


On a plate place Spaghetti Squash in the microwave. Now I put mine in for 20 minutes and this is what happened!

DON'T DO THIS! It still came out perfect but it was just messy. I did it this way because the oven just takes too long. So I recommend if you want to go the lazy way like me, just make sure you know your microwave. Once it exploded, I put it in the fridge to cool down. Do not forget to wear gloves because it will be pipping hot!

Now for the SAUCE! First chop the onions and the mushrooms. I used a slap chop after just to have smaller pieces. As for the mushroom I cut them in two ways, the first was small pieces and the second was just normal slices to have big chunks.

Once the chopping is done, saute each item separately. As I have learned the hard way that they cook at different speeds. I did not season them though, all I used was Pam. Then place them in a small bowl and set aside. 

Next start cooking the ground chicken. This is were I added some seasoning. I just added sea salt and pepper. While that is cooking...grab the spaghetti squash from the fridge and scoop out the spaghetti. Be careful the middle has seeds. I used a spoon to scoop it all out.

Now that you have your "spaghetti" in a big bowl, you can start putting the finishing touches on the sauce.

Once the chicken is done add the heavy whipping cream and garlic cream cheese. Now the  amount you add depends on how much sauce you want. Let that sit for 2 minutes and then add the onions and mushrooms we set aside earlier. Mix it all together for 2 minutes. 

If you haven't noticed this is a pretty low sodium dish and it was done on purpose. Not only is too much sodium bad for us but I also like it when my food doesn't taste all the same. If you have ever had spaghetti squash before, you know it is a tad sweet. Which is why there is no seasoning on it. When you mix the sauce with the "spaghetti" it is a perfect marriage, especially after adding some Parmesan cheese. If you need just a little more salt add Bill Bragg’s amino acids and some pepper flakes for a little kick.

Over the Moon

Still over the moon after my purple and crystal earrings were featured in my first blog! Check it out over at Beckabonce Loves... Weddings 

Purple and Gold Crystal Earrings

July 3, 2013

Inspired by Ocean Life

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There are so many different species of Starfish and they come in so many different colors that I was inspired to want one of my very own. So I started coming up with different color combinations to add to my starfish ring collection. 

Starfish Rings are available at
 Nova Mar

This is what I have come up with so far! I am very happy with the turn out and it seems that so are my Etsy fans. As usual I will keep adding different fun combinations as the time goes by. If you have any bright idea leave a comment.

Have a Happy Day!