July 15, 2013

Be Real Be You

As a jewelry designer I strive to make vibrant yet playful jewelry for your everyday life. Weather it be for a date night, special occasion even work. One of the obstacle I have come across is that we all want to know how "such and such" accessory or outfit  that we find online will look with things that we already own. Not only have I been told this but I have experienced it myself. In result I have started using my designs as inspiration to outfit ideas. This one is featuring the Blue and Gray Bracelet Set which can be found on Etsy through NovaMar

I live in Miami, Fl and let me tell you it is extremely hot even at night, shorts is the best way to go to stay cool. A nice flowy black shirt with matching sandals. I know that what is on here not everyone owns but something similar too would work perfectly. This would be great for a casual day out and this outfit can easily be changed from day to night. 

In the future to be featured send me an email with your outfit ideas to KMBalda@gmail.com including one of my designs. 


  1. Love LOVE your Quote! And your picks.

  2. Miami!! Wow, I hope to visit Miami one day soon :) It's hot here in London, UK too, but possibly not AS hot as in your side! Hey at least you got a beach near by... :) Great to connect with you! -Eva, your new follower tru Etsy Bloggers and Readers team :) Roarrr!! www.feelingwildtoday.blogspot.co.uk