July 7, 2013

Good or a Bad Habit

Lets talk about how I fell in love with this Gold Tulip Apron from The SSSeamstress, it is gorgeous beyond words! Not to mention navy blue is my favorite color.

So when I stumbled upon this beauty I said OMG!! I want it and I want it now! 

Gold Tulip Apron 
Of course my emotions are speaking to me at this point, BUT then my conscience kicks in and says to me "well how much is it?" So I look at the price and calculate shipping and the scotchgard to protect this lovely apron, the end result was too rich for my blood. I was sad facing while I just clicked the love button. I get it handmade costs more, I should know I have my own shop. Non the less I hesitated.

So this is where my question comes in, I have this urge to save money! I just can not help it, my mom taught me well too well I think. My process when it comes to money is that when I get paid I will calculate freely of course I am no mathematician, how much I need to play and the rest goes into savings. When that time of the month arrives to pay my bills I still save. So when I see something I love I think of what my mom has always told me and my grama well lets just say all the women in my family. Collective women voices in Spanish saying "Esto es algo que te va a durar toda la vida" and "Si te mata compralo" this means "Will it last you a life time" and "If it is to die for just get it". So this is what I hear in my head encouraging that compulsive buyer inside of me but with that price I just would not have it. 

As time went by I would check back for it checking to see if it was available and it was until 2 months later it was gone! I panicked not even a minute later I messaged Dana from The SSSeamstress to see if she could make another. Thank goodness I was in luck! Lesson learned, my family was right I heard it again "Si te mata compralo". I took the plunge and now I am the owner of the Gold Tulip Apron! I was so happy and devastated when I hit process order, like I said I save too much.

Let me just say it is going to very good use! I get to cook in style and it protects my outfit from getting dirty. Let me just say it has seen quite a few dinner parties.