August 7, 2013

Meet Julia the Owner & Creator of Eternal Girl

Julia came into the designer world unexpectedly, as she uses henna inspired drawings as a creative outlet. Suddenly she decided to order some jewelry supplies and started experimenting. During her first year designing Julia would gift her lovely necklaces to friends. Thanks to those great friends for encouraging her to open up shop!

From that point on Julia's shop started coming to life, as most of us know deciding to have a shop is just the first step. I believe the most crucial step is deciding on what to call your business. Julia got it right and with meaning too, which let's face it we all love a good story. 
Story Behind the name Eternal Girl:
"Puer aeternus," which is Latin for 'eternal boy,' has mythological meaning of being child-like and craving boundless freedom; being forever young in a sense.My artwork is an outlet of my inner expressions, my inner child, so to speak. Being a women and creating jewelry for women, I used the female version, puella aeterna, or Eternal Girl to describe my work.

Tell us a little bit about your shop.
Eternal Girl specializes in handmade jewelry and greeting cards. The jewelry is made of my own hand-drawn designs. Eternal Girl's designs are inspired by henna art. Each drawing features symbolic images specific to henna tradition. Available products include necklaces, rings, key chains, earrings, and open-ended greeting cards. Custom orders are also available.

Protector Fish Necklace

What inspired you to start designing your own jewelry line?
I've always loved to draw ever since I was little. Putting together necklaces came about unexpectedly- I just had an urge to create. A few years ago, I ordered some necklace supplies and began experimenting. I was drawing lots of henna inspired designs at the time, and that's what I ended up drawing for the pendant necklaces. After about a year of making necklaces as gifts, my friends encouraged me to sell them online. 

Lady Bug Ring

What is your favorite piece / design from your collection ?
I really like my paisley necklace design. I like to call this a "free style floral" design, where I can go beyond the constraints of a typical flower and draw free flowingly, so to speak.

Do you ever make your designs for yourself?
Sure. Most of my designs are from my own inspiration.

Virgo Zodiac Neclace

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