August 25, 2013


Redesigning is my way of recycling a design. I love druzy's, I think they are beautiful and look like mystical rocks that sparkle. Don't you?! They come in so many different shapes, sizes and color the possibilities are endless. 

At first I designed these druzy stones with gold beads and thought oh my how sexy! Apparently in the Etsy community I was alone in my love for this design. Not to fret I just redesigned them into these bright colored beaded bracelets with gold accents. 

Well these got way more attention but alas there they were sitting in my inventory with out a new home. Not to worry I have plenty of other ideas for these stones and then I decided I would make wire wrapped druzy rings! Now I have two rings reserved

For those fellow entrepreneurs that have something that does not sell or get any attention, do not worry I am sure you can redesign it into something that will catch someones attention! I know I am happy that I was able to design these druzy into something else, it also shows you not how versatile I am as a designer but also how these beautiful stones can pretty much be made into anything.

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